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more joy...

Erica and Kim's friendship runs long and deep.  From the moment they met at Burning Man, they knew they were going to be lifelong friends.


Kim and Erica always encourage each other to go big on adventure, say yes to challenge, and most importantly... get out of their heads in to the big beautiful world to have FUN! 

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Early in their friendship they learned to challenge each other's thinking with kindness, compassion, and without judgement.  This bond lead to tremendous trust that promoted great growth in each other. 


During the spring of 2020, Erica was out of town and Kim was feeling a bestie void.  Needing a pick me up, Kim texted Erica “I need More Joy, a Joy Boost!”

From there, the seed of JoyBoost was planted. 


How do we cultivate More Joy or even give ourselves a daily JoyBoost? What tools, habits and techniques are needed in our live to foster this?  JoyBoost was born.  The pursuit of habits, things and human connections that foster more joy and build a community that rallies around this battle cry “MORE JOY”.


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