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JoyBoost believes in celebrating (and supporting) artists - not just art.    .

That is why with every JoyBoost Essentials purchase you make we give back to the artist - helping local creatives thrive.


 Our mission to cultivate more happiness spreads beyond you and me, but to those who inspire us to be more.  .

Artist Collaborations

My inquisitive nature has taken me to the surreal and the commonplace. Throughout these opportunities I try to learn from our built environment; especially the people and history that make them unique. During these travels the changing geography becomes my muse reminding me to create responsibly but intuitively, hopefully tapping into an unspoken sense of place.

When we learn to live from our heart, right here, right now – we can create an extraordinary life out of ordinary moments. When I allow my creative brain to take over in one area, creativity shows up in another. Sometimes allowing creativity to come out and play feels both selfish and luxurious all at once...

I hope my art in people’s lives brings them happiness. I hope it helps connect them to their animal guides and brings out their best strengths, characteristics, virtues, and the part of us we can’t see- our spirits.

I am an artist and I am an activist. My mural work is a visual narrative of the seldom-referenced history of the civil rights struggle in Reno and northern Nevada. Through street art, graffiti, cartooning and realism I try to brighten our urban landscape...

Art is not a competition. Art is an expression of self. You don’t have to be an expert to start.  Art can simply be a meditation resulting in nothing but a calmer mind and spirit.

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