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Girl Farm, Sierraville CA

SPRING 2021!
Yoga - Meditation - Community - Connection

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Are you looking for a women’s retreat that won’t take you too far from home?


Has it been getting harder to ignore the restlessness and agitation inside you or to sleep away the aching exhaustion that is eroding your energy and confidence day after day?

Do you need to disconnect (from technology) and reconnect (with yourself and other like-minded humans)?

You need a ResetRetreat by JoyBoost!

ResetRetreat give you dedicated "me time" to meditate, practice yoga, enjoy guided outings in nature, nourish yourself with healthy organic food, sleep deeply, reconnect to your greatest passions and dreams, and make new friends.





Once you land in Cabo San Lucas, we’ll take care of the rest!


Your shuttle, accommodations, three meals a day, yoga, meditation and TRE classes are all included with the price of the retreat.


Sample Schedule:

7a Optional Hike/Walk

8a Breakfast
9:30a Yoga & Meditation

11:30  Retreat Curriculum Session
1:00p Lunch

2p Optional
5p Retreat Curriculum Session
7p Dinner

8:30p Restorative/Yin Session

*Complimentary shuttle service is only covered on the first and last day of the retreat. Shuttles times will be scheduled between 3p-6p on Sunday June 14 and 9a-12p on Saturday June 20th. A private shuttle can be arranged for an additional fee if needed.

**Additional costs include: roundtrip flight, resort gratuity (if you’re happy with your stay they ask about $10-$15/day), alcohol or specialty drinks and any additional excursions or spa services





Meals are light, clean, and healthy and made with seasonal fruits and vegetables.  

A delicious breakfast of fruits, salad, cereals, rolls and eggs will be offered post yoga or Qi Gong. 


For lunch and dinner, grounding soups, stews and salads are available, with rolls and a healthy dessert. 


Teas and coffees are available, too.  Alcohol will not be served, but participants are welcome to bring their own drinks, if desired.  

Can't eat this or that?  Vegetarian?  Vegan? Gluten Free?  No dairy?  No problem.  We are pleased to accommodate all dietary needs.


Get lost in the alfalfa, 

find yourself.

GirlFarm will soon become your home away from home.


Established in 2007, GirlFarm has become a haven for peaceful and down to earth living.


Our host Wendy Baroli has put her heart and soul into creating a community space for people to calm down the soul.

Learn more about Girl Farm in link below.


Organic Vegetables


with this "ResetRetreat"

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What is a Reset Retreat?

One of the common things we noticed as a reoccurring theme with our community is “I’m so busy”.  Yes.  Busy.  The odd distraction of what makes up a productive life.  What if we had a really good excuse for taking a life “pause” or to purposefully “build pockets of stillness into your life”*?  If you are unsure what this all means then you are mostly likely in need of a reset retreat.  Our retreats are local and built on the idea that there is no good excuse to not attend.  Is your life SO full that you cannot take a stillness break for 36 hours of it?  You know you can and if you can’t then you need it now more than ever.  

YOUR ResetRetreat

When you arrive at your destination, we want you to turn off that phone, turn off that busy brain and just take a deep breath to invite calm and stillness.  We will offer choices on how you might do this and can coach this best approach out. This might be done through meditation, a good long walk up the valley, an offering of service to volunteer time weeding or watering the nearby gardens, yoga or a reiki session.  We will work with you to find the best way to calm down the monkey mind.

The day continues with our welcome session that connects us together.  Previous attendees might bring something they have learned from the last time, a vision board they are focusing on or a piece of writing that resonates with this moment of their life.


Breakouts will be relative to the weekends theme.  


Our dinner program again brings us together with amazing local food sourced from not only GirlFarm but the neighboring Prema Farm.  You will nourish the body with amazing choices of food that has never traveled on a truck.


Meet with your coach or mentor.  If you have signed up for a series of Reset Retreats you will meet with your coach a time or two throughout your visit.  This will help you hold some accountability for what growth you have determined to focus on.

Until next time session.  Our intention is to build community, a second family lets say, because we know that together we are stronger and more fulfilled people.  You might find a new best friend or fun partner that will carry over to the “default” world.  The greatest hope is to have a community in which you simply can’t wait until the next time we again come together in connection.


If this sounds good to you, then we encourage you to join us.

I'm in!

Paradise Found

At The Farmers Table at Girlfarm, our mission is We Feed People and to do this we have created an enjoyable shopping experience that customers of all food interests can enjoy. Since 2005, we’ve provided local, healthy, heirloom produce, herbs, fruits, and heritage USDA meats to our community with quality products at very fair cost to the consumer and a fair return to the farmers. We have something to suit everyone’s taste! Our Farmers Table Market is home to a number of local professionals who go above and beyond to give back to the community through the products they offer, from Lean Irish Dexter Beef, to Girlfarm Berkshire pork. You can have delicious fresh harvested Mountain Mushrooms, or choose a pasta made with organic flour. We have a few options for those that want to budget and for those that just desire choice.

Image by Anupam Mahapatra


Desire more space for yourself


Want a break from distractions


Need a good night's rest, finally


Long for relaxation & affirmation 



Are looking for a place for personal reflection


Are seeking inspiration


Are in a transitional in your life



Value diversity, learning and self-growth


Need personal healing


Want to try something new

Just plain need a breather!

A JoyBoost retreat is right for you if you...

Girl Farm not your cup of tea?

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