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Our Team

Lisa has been teaching yoga and meditation since 2003. Yoga completely transformed her inner and outer life.


Sharing this practice has been her life's passion. Lisa has studied Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin Yoga.  Shea has training in the facilitation of Yoga Nidra and Mindfulness Mediation. Lisa weaves together all of these disciplines, resulting in a transformational practice on all layers of being - body, mind and heart. At the heart of Lisa's classes is the discovery of our true nature beyond the mind.


Lisa lives an active life hiking and skiing with her family and her furry BFF Sunny.


Janet Raydon is a lifelong-lover of sports and fitness. Her aerobics classes in middle school led to cross country running in high school, which later became snowboarding, skiing & waterskiing instruction. Later, her weekends became filled with rock climbing, hiking, fitness training, some intramural softball & volleyball teams, etc. etc…

Janet owns and manages Sal y Sol Baja, a magic retreat space in El Pescadero, Baja Mexico Sur where many of JoyBoost's retreats take place.


When she and her family are not busy with school, sports & day jobs, you can find them on the mountain, on a plane to some remote location, or traveling the coast in their RV with their two crazy dogs.

Jovan is a Reiki Master and founder of Reiki 4 the Whole Body. She is a passionate practitioner of Reiki for almost ten years. Reiki has transformed her personal life and she loves sharing its healing power with others. 


Jovan found Reiki more than a decade ago when she was searching for support to help her grow, thrive, and heal.  Reiki proved instrumental in helping her personally heal past wounds and  keep her grounded—emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. She hopes she can share the peace Reiki brings with you.


She treats each client with love, respect, and honesty.  As a Reiki Master she hopes to achieve these values with each individual she sees and to inspire them to go out into the world and share the same with everyone they come in contact with.

Angie's love of yoga started about 15 years ago while pregnant with her first child. She felt a freedom in her body at a time when it was most restricted. Her teachers guided her to experience the connection between the mind, the body, and breath that allowed her to dissolve the optional stress that she had placed on herself.


After diving into a 500 hour year long Advanced Yoga Study and multiple other training programs, she began to teach in 2009 to share the gift that she had been given. Angie loves the challenge of understanding individual needs of students bodies and how to incorporate the other aspects of yoga that lead them closer to the stillness they seek to relieve stress. She loves looking for ways to guide students back to the present moment and encourage classroom practice into daily living where the ordinary turns into extraordinary.


Angie is passionate about people, yoga, her home town of Reno, NV, and the combination of them all together to form community. 

From thoughtful proposal to final creation, Kelsey is dedicated to helping budding entrepreneurs and established companies flourish.


She brings insight, clarity, and technical skills to the table. A graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University, with a decade of experience in marketing, Kelsey has directed creative projects for publications, non-profits, and design firms across the country.


By taking the time to understand exactly who her clients are, she designs and produces materials that resonate with the heart and soul of a brand.

Kate is a visionary leader, go-getter, change-maker, professional advocate, and coach. She brings 20 years experience leading organizations and advocacy campaigns, including leading a national campaign for safe food in Los Angeles, and building some of the most powerful coalitions and networks in Michigan where she continues to lead.

Kate is a skilled facilitator, designing and leading dozens of meetings from strategic planning sessions to conferences with 300 attendees. She is a talented writer, with many successful campaign plans, research reports, and awarded grants under her belt. 

Kate earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability. She holds her master’s degree from the School for International Training in Vermont, where she was trained in intercultural communications, leadership development, and the foundations of coaching.  


Our Founders

Erica loves adventure.  Summiting mountains (both literally and figuratively) has been a passion for Erica since childhood. Her travels have taken her to explore the wilds of Africa, Mexico, Central and South America to backpack, explore, learn, and have fun!

One of Erica's favorite sayings is "The hardest part of doing anything is deciding you are going to do it." and she takes that notion to heart in her personal and professional life.


Erica owns her own digital marketing agency, PIVOT Creative and Consulting which produces (em)brace yourself podcast and vlog.


Erica holds a master’s degree from Harvard University a bachelor of science from University of Michigan and was recently nominated as a 2020 Nevada Women’s Fund “Woman of Achievement”.


When Erica is not recording episodes with her BFF and podcast partner Kim Lundeen, she can be found adventuring around the Reno-Tahoe with her husband Sean and three boys.  If she is not enjoying her favorite pastime – patio sitting with friends - she can be found running or mountain biking the mountain trails with her canine bestie Bear or skiing with her family and friends.

Kim first began practicing yoga with her mom back in the 1990's.  At this time it helps balance out other activities such as skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing and hiking.  After establishing her career in Information Technology and finding that sitting at a desk all day was "not that great for the body", yoga became important in order to maintain flexibility and a peaceful mind from all the daily stresses.  After moving around from Utah to North Carolina to Australia to Oakland, she has been happy to land in Reno to spend time with her family.  Achieving her Mixed Martial Arts Black Belt in 2012 and being awarded best tester, she went on to obtain her Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  But the body can only handle so many fights and yoga was calling her.  Finding the opportunity to finally become a yoga instructor, Kim completed YogaPod's 200 YTT June 2018 and has enjoyed getting out there to teach any chance she gets.


When Kim is not on her mat, she is hiking, gardening, skiing, doing watercolor, tending to her chickens or having fun with her boys.  She loves learning new things and enjoys traveling the world when she has the chance.  Kim likes to bring yoga to everyone and especially enjoys working with beginners to help them feel empowered within their own yoga.


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